• I do not claim, imply or suggest that I own any of the stories you’re requesting.  Story Master doesn’t do anything for you that you couldn’t do for yourself using cut/paste and some easily available conversion utilities.  Story Master just does it a whole lot faster with much less annoying, mindless clicking.

  • I do not store any of the stories you request.  After I process your request, I delete all the files related to your request.  So if a story has been pulled, don’t bother asking me if I have a copy.  I don’t keep anything after I email it to you.

  • I cannot get you a version of a story that’s no longer available.  What I email you is what’s available at that point in time.

  • I do not support any web sites other than the ones available on the menu to the left.  That doesn’t mean I won’t support them in the future, but I don’t support them now.  You can request I support a web site and I’ll see how feasable it is.

  • I do not provide this service so that you can steal a story and post it under your own name or do something else shady with it.  This service is for your own reading pleasure.  Not your profit or some attempt to claim your 15 minutes of fame based on someone else’s talent.  If I find out that someone is specifically using this service to do things I don’t like, i will ban them from using Story Master.

  • Should you chose to donate, you are donating to help me cover the costs of hardware and web hosting, nothing else.  Demand has recently spiked and I finally caved and replaced my 4 year old laptop that was groaning under the strain of processing requests.  On the plus side, I have a shiny new killer laptop.  On the minus side, now my checkbook is doing the groaning.

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