So by now you may have noticed a fairly large overhaul in the way the whole site looks.  Before, this blog used to be embedded inside the Story Master application.  Now the application is embedded in the blog.

I got to thinking; if someone was having trouble running Silverlight, then how were they supposed to get to the blog for help or to send me a note?  Time to renovate the joint!

So now you’ll see that the Story Master application is accessed through the Story Master button on the left panel of the blog.  Right below it is a link to the alternate portal for those poor souls who can’t get Silverlight to behave itself.  I’ve also moved the Contact Me and the Donate stuff into the blog as well.

If you run into any issues or weirdness, please drop me a note.  I’d appreciate knowing if something’s not working right.


Oh, and there’s now a benefit to registering.  If you’re logged into the blog when you click on the Story Master app, it should pre-populate the email box in the app with the email you’ve used to register for the blog.

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