Ok, I know some people are freaking out because FFn screwed up and some stories disappeared. I understand that. And yes, you want to make sure you have your stories. But the people who are making 100+ author requests in one day are starting to make me angry. That’s like making 1500 story requests in one day ( ballparking the average number of stories per author ). That many requests by one person really ties up my laptops for HOURS. No one else can get their stories until those requests are processed.

And really, why are people requesting 1500 stories??? What are you going to do with that many? I can’t see a person being able to read that many in a year! So do you really want 1500 stories? Or are you just using the shotgun approach to getting stories; grab anything you might ever be remotely interested just in case, regardless of if you’re ever really going to read it or not.

100 author/community/favorite requests are heavy duty requests that take a ton of time to process. As I’ve stated before, I’m only going to get you the 30 most recently updated stories from any author/community/favorite, but that’s still a maximum of 3000 stories. So please keep in mind two things:

1 – Those requests take time to process, and other people can’t get their stories until those requests are done. So you’re tying up the service for everyone.
2 – All processing is done on my personal laptops. I run this whole thing out of my living room on my personal laptops. I’m not like FFn with a ton of advertising dollars where I can actually afford to buy machines to do all the work. There’s actually no advertising dollars to be had. With the exception of donations, I’m footing the bill. And right now, my laptops are literally overheating.

PLEASE. Be more judicious in the kinds of requests you make. If you truly need to grab all an author’s works, fine make the request once. But if an author updates ONE story, please don’t request all the author’s works again! That’s 29 stories that you don’t need updated and 1 you do. And if you’re going to go after 400+ authors, like someone has done today, then space your requests out over a week, not one day! Processing 400+ author requests will probably take close to 24 hours, if not more. ( Personal laptops, NOT server class machines here! ). There’s a tremendous difference between 400 story requests and 400 author/community/favorites requests.

In closing, I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on the requests coming in right now. I will not hesitate to push people who submit a high volume of requests to the back of the queue and get your stuff processed last, after everyone who’s a making reasonable number of requests. I will also not hesitate to start staggering your requests out so that instead of processing 400 author requests in one day, I space it out over a week so that other people can sneak in requests.

Please be considerate of other users and me.

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