Welcome to Story Master v2.0!

This is currently a beta edition.  Meaning, yes I’ve released it, but it’s still in testing.  Although I feel confident enough in the code to release it for testing by users.  If you get unexpected results/files, or anything odd happens, or you get an error, please email me at StoryMasterAdmin@the-code-monkey.com with as many details about the issue as possible.  If you get an error, a screenshot would be fantastic, if possible.

Please keep in mind that I’m running this in a test environment.  What that means to you is if you request a story and an error occurs somewhere in the processing, all processing will stop until I can take a look at the error.  Your request won’t be finished until I look at the error and any requests behind yours will also wait until I’ve taken a look at the system.

So if you don’t get your request for a few hours, or possibly at all, just keep in mind you’re contributing to the greater good by helping me work the bugs out. ;-)

All you have to do is submit requests like you did before and if any wackiness occurs, email me with the details.

Feedback on the new site would be appreciated.  Just click the ‘Contact Me’ button in the lower left hand corner.

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