iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Kindle App developers have finally taken pity on us Kindle App users and made it possible to upload non-Amazon mobi files to our Apple devices to read in their Kindle Apps.

You’ll need to used iTunes (which you probably do anyway) to access the upload system.

  1. Unzip/extract the file(s) from the zip files our lovely DA sends you and save in a location you can easily find.

  3. Open iTunes and connect your device.

  5. From your device’s opening page, select Apps.

  7. On the Apps page, scroll down to view the whole File Sharing area of the page.

  9. Select Kindle from the Apps list.  You will now see a list of the non-Amazon files on your device.

  11. Click Add to open the file selection dialogue box.

  13. Highlight the file or files you want to upload and click Open.

  15. iTunes will then upload the file to your device automatically.

  17. Repeat steps 6 – 8 as necessary.

  19. Consider syncing to make sure your device’s files are backed up.

  21. Read and enjoy!

Big thanks to Melanie ( mscs2008 ) for putting this together. Here’s a PDF of this entry.

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