1. Request the story. Make sure your URL and email address is correct and you’ve chosen MOBI(Kindle) format or PDF if your Kindle supports PDFs.
  2. Connect your Kindle to your PC using your USB cable.  Make a note of the drive letter that gets assigned to your Kindle once it’s connected.
  3. Once you receive your email from me with your story, you need to save the attachment onto your Kindle.
    • Click “save as” or whatever is appropriate for your email program to save the attachment.
    • When the dialog box comes up asking you where you want to save the file find the drive letter that was assigned to your Kindle.
    • There should be 4 folders there.  One of them will be “Documents”
    • Save the story to the Documents folder.  You should see your other stories there as well.
  4. Disconnect your Kindle from your PC by ejecting the device.
  5. Once your Kindle comes back online again after being disconnected from your PC, you should see your new story.  The new story may not be on the first page at the top of the list.  It depends how you’re sorting your books.  But if you saved the story anywhere in the Documents folder, or even a subdirectory of the Documents folder, you should see the story somewhere on your Kindle.


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