So the upgrade I’ve been promising is out. If you don’t see a grid at the bottom of this screen that has a column called “RequestId”, you need to clear your cache please. This does not seem to be an issue with Internet Explorer, but I know that Google Chrome likes to cache Silverlight applications.

Most of the massive changes are behind the scenes, but here’s the pertinent points for you:

1.  Requests will no longer be killed and eaten.  I’ve reworked the entire request system so that requests will never be lost unless something catastrophically freakish happens.  And if something truly bizarre happens, like the net crashes or my provider’s servers blow up, I’m gonna step back and eat smores while I watch the excitement.   But I have much more control over requests and reprocessing them.  I can also finally pull statistics, like getting a decent idea of how many requests I’m getting. ( lots, in case you were wondering )

2.  Requests now have a unique id assigned to them, which you’ll see in the column called “RequestId”.  You’ll also see all the details of the requests you’ve put in during the current session in the grid below.  Submitting a request again for some reason will not make it process the second time if it didn’t go through the first time.  As I said, I’ve much better control of the request system, so I will see if a request fails.  Also, if you email me asking about a request that hasn’t shown up in your in box yet, you can tell me the request number to make things a little bit easier.

3.  I’ve gotten rid of the opening graphics.  The spinny “StoryMaster” was cool when I was first messing around with all this.  But when you debug  the app and run it 10 times in 2 minutes and have to wait for the graphics screen to go away, it gets annoying.  So I killed it.  Just pretend there’s a cool graphics thing when you first open StoryMaster if you really miss it.

I think that covers the important points for you.

Again, I’ve tested this extensively, but I’m still counting on you guys to help out and email me with any “weirdness” that you run across.

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