I know, I know… I said I’d never support blogs because they’re too much of a pain and too much programming. And then a friend of mine turned me onto Keira Marcos and her stories are really good but just too damn long to read online. So, I now support the Stargate section of her blog.

If you look at the StoryMaster app, the last item in the menu is now “Predefined”, under that is one entry, “Stories”. If you click on that, you’ll see a new screen come up. It has a list box with all the Keira Marcos stories I currently support. Click on one story, enter your email and select your save format and you’ll get that story sent to you.

As I add new blogs and stories, they’ll all wind up listed in that box. Supporting blogs is a fairly annoying process, so don’t expect lots of new content to pop up quickly. It’ll be more as the mood strikes me.

This is currently only available in the StoryMaster app, not the StoryMaster Alt Portal.

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